1. Can I do Broker Price Opinion(BPO) Report remotely?

Trained by highly efficient US experts, our team members are well-versed in performing Broker Price Opinion reports. By doing data search, we obtain the property details and draw comparisons from the multiple listing services (MLS). Photographs of the property site—both interior and exterior, are uploaded as data. We organize the completed report in a cohesive and accurate manner.

If you are an agent, contact us, if you require any help or advice on the method of taking photos.

Once we receive the pictures, we will upload to the appropriate locations (for clients, we offer a mobile application that can upload photographs, to save you time and effort).

2. What information do you need to send to us?

We try to make the process as simple as possible for you, but there are a few items that we need:
* Subject property details and address
* Multiple Listing Service (MLS) login credentials of the area
* Property photographs that we can upload
* Your preferred Broker Price Opinion and relevant login information

3. How well trained are ECESIS employees in determining the value of property?

With more than 12 years experience, trained by US trainers, our team is highly competent in preparing Broker Price Opinion's.

4. Provide access to my login information? How do I know it won’t be misused?

ECESIS is registered under the Registrar of Companies act. Along with our services come a confidentiality agreement and non-disclosure agreement. Our team of professionals are highly committed and built on integrity, information and credentials will be kept private and will not be used for any other purpose.

5. What advantages are there with the mobile app?

* Show the available orders from your clients
* Allocate work to your agents
* Take photos that can be stored in pre-created folders
* After, once the photographs are taken, mail to us.
* The photographs can be uploaded to the appropriate location.
The mobile app will be fully functional by the end of the year 2016.

6. Having data entry tools, how will your model be beneficial to me?

Data entry tools can be useful, but when an informed decision needs to be made based on our comments which make your report truly stand apart, the tools aren’t always a practical substitute. After several weeks or months, you will receive minimal to no intervention because we will understand your thought process.

7. Can you provide any references?

Yes, we have clients throughout the U.S. Due to the nature of the work, the client details are highly confidential, if required, we can provide you the reference on request.

8. Is interior Broker Price Opinion reports available as well?

We do perform interior Broker Price Opinion reports, at a flat rate though, our focus is on the exterior.

9. Are you familiar with REO reports?

Yes, we are familiar with real estate owned reports.

10. What is your usual offered turnaround time?

The offered TAT is 36 hours and for urgent reports, it is 12 hours.