Broker Price Opinion Services

So what is broker price opinion? Broker Price Opinion (BPO) can be considered as:
• Determine an estimated value of the property by analysis the neighbourhood.
• An alternative tool designed to estimate the worth of home equity lines of credit.
• Refinancing of real estate properties.
• Collection efforts for financial institutions.

Our Role

Broker price opinion is handled by the real estate brokers to calculate the value of a property. At Ecesis, our subject matter experts provide a full-range of services to real estate brokers and investors. Our products and our services enable brokers to reduce their turnaround time. Our team is well-trained and experienced in research methods and data mining (discovering patterns in large data sets) for localized information in any neighbourhood in the U.S, parameters that determine property value (location, size of the property, market data), and depreciation factors. We find values based on the specific area of the location, local and regional real estate market analysis and various other calculation like listing/active comparables and closed/sold comparables of properties that are currently for sale and have been sold. For residential valuation, the price can vary as per the present status of the property and other market condition. Our proposal includes "As is"/Repaired/ and Completed state.

As is- Ranking the present state of the subject address, including the facilities of the property.

Repaired- Estimated value after repairs, mentioned in the subject address, with full photo support of all recommended repairs.

Completed- Is also known as standard order includes analysis exteriors, interiors, listing photos, maps of 3 active/Comparables and 3 recent sold/closed comparables.

24/7online ordering and tracking service. 1-2 days turn around time from date of receiving the order.