Broker Price Opnion Photography

For our clients we extend, Broker Price Opinion (BPO) photography, a value added service . Although we aim to take as much work off your hands as possible, choosing a photographer gives you the freedom to make sure you’ve found a photographer who is the perfect fit for your property. Our app shows the address of the property and the location on a GPS for the ease of locating the property.

Variety is important in property photography, and the photos will show all the best aspects of your property. For exterior photos, the photos will be automatically titled for the view. This includes views of the front of your property, the back of your property, and the street side view, exactly as a potential buyer will see it. These views will give you an idea of any final touches needed to be made to your property for maximum aesthetic appeal. Once all seven views have been completed, the photos are automatically uploaded to the Broker Price Opinion tracker and the client. Our interior photos will be extremely extensive as up to 30 photos can be uploaded in one mail. The photos will show the best aspects of your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, giving an overall portrait of your house that accurately represents its features in the best possible light.

This process will present you an extensive Broker Price Opinion photography that will appeal to potential buyers. This service is available completely free and is invaluable when trying to sell a property.

Note: It is currently available for only the iPhone